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Richard Logan


Richard Logan has pursued a varied artistic career that started in the 70s while living in the Caribbean. He began putting the colorful people and island scenery to canvas - the result of which was a series of vibrant oil paintings that caught the attention of artists-in-residence Roland Richardson, Jasper Johns and Romare Bearden. The 80s found Logan stateside in his home town of Kansas City, Missouri where he began selling his art out of his own studio while freelancing as a graphic designer. But he missed the year 'round warmth of the tropics, packed up and moved south - this time to Florida. Working as a creative director for Tampa Bay ad agencies in the early 90s, Logan spent his free time experimenting with his artistic side. Focusing on photography, he opened a studio and began shooting commercially for brands such as Prentice Hall, Time Warner, Talbots and International Petroleum. This national format and audience soon drew the attention of galleries, museums and collectors to his mixed media work. His work is showcased and sold internationally, and Logan continues to explore diverse art forms.

Artist Statement

I use many different mediums but currently am working primarily with transferring photographic and painted images to metal combined with etched and cast glass. This format allows me a much wider range of expression through the use of patterns, textures and the interplay of light. I've developed a unique process of combining the use of multiple materials which has allowed me to expand the various methods I use to express myself. By transferring an image that I've created onto a piece of metal, I then have a chance to expand my narrative by adding a drawing etched in glass over that image. My multiple tile pieces require a different kind of precision in the printing of the overlapping images to be transferred to metal along with the calculation of spacing and engineering to put them all together. I enjoy challenging myself with new ideas and techniques by combining materials and processes that most people would not expect to see. I like to surprise myself and others with my work.