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J. Harrison Smith

Whether sculpting representational figures or abstracts, I believe the piece must speak in aesthetic terms. It is all about form, line, texture, and shape - and their relationship to one another and to the viewer.


Our world has never been static and never will be, but there is an order to all natural things. Nature mutates; civilizations rise and fall; and that underlying order is what shapes my art.


One of my goals when I sculpt is to convey the complexity, movement and strength of the human condition; and the harmony between physical and emotional lives.

I attempt to capture humanity in all of its instantaneous, fleeting moments. My works reflect emotional states through the physical form - remorse, fear, reflection, anger, contentment, joy, or ecstasy.


Each sculpture I create contains its own meaning and an individual spirit. I hope this exposure draws the viewer into a contemplative understanding of life itself.


I began sculpting bread dough at the age of three. All through my school years I was known as the “Art Kid”. This continued to my time in the service on the USS Triton nuclear submarine where I was the unofficial ship’s artist – drawing and sculpting shipmates to colored pencil renderings of periscope contacts.


I have maintained my ardent passion for sculpting ever since- drawing on life experiences to capture the richness and depth of the human experience, which is of paramount importance to my work.


Most of my adult life was spent in business and public office. But, for the last twenty years I have dedicated myself to my passion – art – and, in particular, sculpting. I practice the lost wax method.


I have been an advocate for, and actively involved in, the arts throughout my life.

I currently am the Chairman of the North Pinellas County Cultural Alliance and serve on the Board of the Clearwater Arts Alliance. As a father of five, grandfather of six, and great-grandfather of two, my sculptures of children are some of my most powerfully moving pieces. I am currently launching a series of ballet dancers, ranging from 25” to 48” tall.

My work can be commissioned and limited editions are available for purchase.

I maintain a gallery and studio in


You can also find my work at



BE ON PARK, Winter Park, FL


I have taught figurative sculpture at Dunedin Fine Arts Center and do so now at Tampa Bay Sculpture Center.



Permanent sculpture installations:

  • Pinellas County Courthouse

  • St. Paul’s School

  • City of Safety Harbor (3 children of different cultures and periods of history)

  •  St. Alfred’s Episcopal Church

  • 22nd Street Elementary School for the Arts

  • Florida Hospital, Orlando, FL

  • Carmel, CA for the 9/11 Committee.


I am currently working on a commission of an 11’ tall Mark V Diver dedicated to the deep-sea military divers of our nation. This statue is to be installed at the Naval Shipyard in Washington, D.C.