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Ai Kawamura


福岡教育大学 小学校教員養成課程美術科に入学。日本画に出会う。





Born in Miyazaki prefecture, in 1975.

Admission to Fukuoka University of Education elementary school teacher training course art. I meet Japanese style painting.

Based on Fukuoka city, I have worked vigorously and have expanded the range of activities to overseas.

I draw flowers and landscapes of the four seasons that I felt as 〝beautiful" actually watching by myself, with expressions closely resembling the sense of the modernity, using traditional techniques of Japanese-style painting, such as [Yakihaku / Baked foil] which changed the silver foil with sulfur and pulled the taste Wabi

Those works are gaining evaluation that rich in color, seasonal feeling, and quality.

In addition, I strive to disseminate Japanese-style painting for guidance at Japanese-style painting classes and workshops.

Japanese-style Painting Artist 

1975         Born in Miyazaki ,Japan

1998     B.A. Degree in Fine Arts, Fukuoka Education University,

          Studying under the Artist, Professor Koji Mizutani

1999         The Exhibition drawing the nature of Japan ,Ueno-mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

1999-2000   FUKUI thumbhole art exhibition, Fukui Culture Center, Fukui, Japan

2001         Fukuoka Prefecture art exhibition, Fukuoka Prefectural Museum,

                Kuma-Nichi 21st century Art Prize Exhibition, Kumamoto Prefectural Museum, Kumamoto, Japan

Solo exhibition

2002        “Welcome to the world”, IMS IRIS Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

2013          “The reflexion” , Gallery Oishi, Fukuoka, Japan

     “The flower”, Gallery Enlace, Fukuoka, Japan

2014          “Flowers Butterfly Wind The Moon / 花蝶風月”, Gallery Enlace, Fukuoka, Japan

2015          “Living with Art / 絵のあるくらし”, Panasonic living show room Yakuin, Fukuoka, Japan

2016           “Draw the four seasons / 四季を描く”, Miya-Nichi Hall, Miyazaki, Japan

2017    “The flower / 花”,Art Gallery Kitano, Kyoto, Japan

      “Draw the four seasons in Japan /日本の四季を描く”,Gallery Kawanaka, Nobeoka, Japan


Group exhibition

2014          The Exhibition “Japanese culture和 museum”exhibit, Sunoko Hall, Fukuoka, Japan

                    “FASHION MASTERS 2014 Making of Fashion Show” Live painting performance, Hakata Riverain, Fukuoka, Japan

2016           The Exhibition “Korea, China and Japan Artists draw Gyeongju”, Row Gallery, Gyeongju, Korea

                     Art  Gwangje  2016 /  Gwangje International Art fair , Asia Culture Center ,Gwangje, Korea

                     Art Fair Asia/Fukuoka awards , Fukuoka Asia Museum, Fukuoka, Japan